As a trial, I'm offering concept sketch commissions!
These are THIGH-UP SKETCH commissions, fully colored.
Price: 66 USD eachIf you want more than 1 the total will just be the amount you want x 66 USD.
I'll put them on the same sheet in the end but also provide separate png versions. (e.g. the same character in casual, work, gym attire variances)
If after receiving the design you like it and decide that you want to use the design commercially (as an official outfit for your vtuber etc), please note that there will be a 25% commercial fee.

PROCESS1. You provide a character ref2. Give me three keywords, images, or emojis.3. I'll design them an alternate outfit & hairstyle based on your provisions. . .Maximum of 2 revisions are allowed during the process. Once after sketch, and once after colors.
Or if you want me to surprise you lmk !
Note that the final result will be 1 thigh up sketch illustration.
Samples of my sketching style below:


The prices in brackets are the price guides for AUGUST 2022.TURNAROUND
Turnaround time is generally 4 to 8 weeks from payment date. Period subject to change depending on commission type and queue status.
Adjustments will be available during the commission progress. Depending on the commission, I will be in touch for any changes. Please make sure to communicate ALL the changes in one go if possible- so that I wouldn't have to go back and forth and adjust the draft many times.
There is a maximum of 3 to 5 changes per commission. Any more changes may incur a fee.Feel free to send me samples of artwork/characters you like/want to be shown in the commission. It really helps me get an idea of what you want.Generally, commissions are emailed as png images with 300 dpi upon completion. Should a png version with a transparent background be required, please tell me beforehand.PAYMENT
All prices are in USD, payment via paypal invoice.
Upfront payment is generally required.
Split payments are available for commissions which total over 200 USD- in this case, 1/2 of the total amount is required before starting and the other 1/2 is required after lineart is confirmed.
Refunds are not applicable ONCE THE INVOICE IS PAID.
Sometimes, I may offer a refund provided that:
1. The commission is a WIP and around the sketch phase
2. I feel that I am unable to complete the commission to commissioner's standards
I can draw:
✔ OCs, fanart, in-game characters, ecchi, kemonomimi, humanoid characters
I cannont draw:
✘ heavy mecha, gore, full-out NSFW, certain themes/genres
I work best with cute/sexy designs. If there are specific requirements for the figure/expression of a character, please let me know beforehand so that I may adjust accordingly.

WAITLIST : General process

Next opening: August 16th
Opening will be for September slots as well as October waitlist slots
Waitlist Procedure
I will schedule commissions and send DMs about 1 month at a time.
The waitlist is application based. If accepted, I'll DM you, schedule your commission on my trello and give you the link to it. There will an estimated start date to help you keep track.I will send the invoice via paypal as soon as the waitlist slot is confirmed. Payment is required before starting.Your application form will be editable until it is accepted. Should you decide to withdraw before payment, just let me know and I'll contact the next person.




For this opening, I'll only be accepting experimental illustrations.Prices have been discounted by up to 25%.
For the experimental style, no revisions are available.
I will DM you with a sketch when I have one, but after the sketch stage, no changes can be made unless it's a mistake I made with the character design. This is so I have more artistic freedom with the piece to try new things and improve.Tysm for understanding <3

Commission typePrice
Bust100 USD
Waist up150 USD
Full body200 USD


If you like, I can cut up the illustration and animated it in L2D. It'll be simple animation (up to 10s or looped), but can be set within a certain aspect ratio.You can use it for stream loading screens, websites, etc. I'll also send you the rigged l2d model file for your use.Pricing for an animated piece is double the cost for the illustration.
(e.g. illustrated bust $100, animated bust $200) Commercial pricing is included by default.



The prices include:
Color palette, up to 3 close-ups of choice, simple ref sheet formatting with textured bg
The price below DO NOT include character design. Even a sketchy reference with flat colors would work as a reference. I do not accept written references.
If you need character design for your ref sheet, please DM for a specific quote.(Starting from August, ref sheets will start from 300 USD)

Reference typePrice
1 x full body (front)120 USD (150)
2 x full body (front + back)230 USD (275)
Extra outfit65 USD (75)
Headshot55 USD
Expression for headshot10 USD (15)
Waist-up85 USD
Additional props/items~50 USD


Commercial fee is included.I offer character design as an add-on for ref sheet and l2d commissions.Depending on the level of complexity and style, character design have a price of around:
75 to 200 USD
(150 to 300)
I usually do 1~ to 2 sketches for changes. Maximum 3 changes are available for the sketch phase.Up to 2 revisions are available for base colors.Please have a somewhat specific idea in mind, I cannot pump out sketches like a dress-up game.Some elements I like to work with are: all-black, oversized jackets, fluffy tails, and lots of chainsBelow are some sample character designs I've done. If interested, please send me a DM for an exact quote.


Fullbody chibi38 USD
Chibi Emote (bust/halfbody)30 USD
Chibi Stream panel (halfbody)48 USD